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Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Striking, TRX, Spin, Yoga & More.


It's not about learning to fight people. It's about taking the fight out of people.

Conquer Self Defense is made up of Tony Matias Certified Krav Maga, Boxing instructor
and Tony Rosario Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt under Yamasaki Academy.

We both take pride in teaching others the best there is in Self Defense, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
We want to make sure when you come to us you walk into a family friendly environment where anyone from any level will feel comfortable and safe to train.
We strive to teach Discipline, Respect for yourself, your partners, and most of all Self Confidence.


Our Instructors

 Respect, Honor, Discipline, and Strength

Anthony Matias

US Army Veteran serving in the 1st Cavalry Division Anthony Matias brings a long list of martial arts and fighting knowledge to the table. He started studying Krav Maga at Elite Training Center in Redondo Beach California under Brian Rauchbach and continues to do so.
Anthony is now a level 3 certified instructor under USKMA as well as an USCCA Certified Firearms Instructor that has trained hundreds of individuals and law enforcement. 

Tony is dedicated to changing lives through Martial Arts and Self Defense.

Tony Rosario

Tony started with Martial Arts at the age of 10, studying Karate, Capoeira, Judo and MMA.
In 2002, Tony started studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  under Professor Tomas Sone (Papo), Former MMA fighter and BJJ Black Belt.
In 2008 he became part of the competition team of Machete BJJ, the largest school in this discipline in the DR
In 2015 he received a brown belt from Giancarlos Valdez and was backed by Fernando Yamasaki Black Belt 7th grade, president of the São Paulo Jiu Jitsu Federation of Brazil and MMA referee.
For the past 8 years he has been dedicated to instructing at Machete BJJ academy.

Sylvia Scott

Sylvia started her boxing journey at Joe Miles gym in Haverhill Ma. It was actually a kickboxing class which then turned into boxing. After taking some time off due to the birth of her child, her undeniable love for boxing took her back to the gym where she was trained by Manny Santiago and Speedy out of the Haverhill Boxing Club.

Before long, Sylvia started to train women on her own time and inside the gym. She currently still runs classes at the Inner City Boxing Club on Saturdays.

Sylvia is such a remarkable human being and coach and brings such a fighting spirit into any gym that she is a part of. A 5 year cancer survivor, Sylvia was told that she would never box again but she battled back, beat cancer and still trains hard every day!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Tony's Class gave me the confidence that I could actually defend myself is ever put in a dangerous situation. You will not only learn life-saving skills but will have a blast doing it!
Jenn B
Tony showed us real self defense techniques to defend our self no matter who our opponent is, regardless of size or height.
Maria F.
This class is the most important investment I've ever made for my child.
Jenn P
I have been going to a Conquer self defense for 8 months, my children take BJJ. There. The place has a super supportive family atmosphere, you can do high level classes at any fitness level. I take Muay Thai, boxing, and Krav Maga. I have learned so much, really enjoy the classes and am in much better shape. I can’t say enough good things about the place and look forward to their new classes.
Sara C
This place has excellent instructors. Tony is very good at explaining everything. The more experienced students are very helpful to beginners as well. I experienced a very welcoming atmosphere for kids and adults alike. I take the Krav Maga program and cannot recommend it enough.
Sam L
I joined Conquer self defense a couple months ago because I wanted to get back into Brazilian Jui Jitsu. I was very excited to find out they offer Muy Thai classes as well, something else I wanted to start training again. It’s been a great experience! I can’t say enough about the people who work and train here at the academy, I feel like part of the family already!
Brett L
Words do not do justice to describe my experience at Conquer and my love for each and everyone here. The instructors are top notch. With real life experience to back their training, they love what they do and it shows in every class. Classes are for all fitness need to “get in shape” before taking a class. Check it out…. You won’t be disappointed. (First class is always free!!)
Christy G
Long overdue review on my part…our son has been enrolled since the school opened, and it has truly been a fully rewarding and growing experience for him. We, as a family, have been in several Dojo’s in our days…Conquer Self Defense is an exceptional training facility. Integrity is the key here and it begins with ownership and flows throughout the entire Conquer team. Tony (and Tony) are fully committed, top notch instructors who are passionate and tireless in passing on their knowledge to the students. Utmost respect and appreciation! Five stars indeed!
Trudy F
My family has been going to Conquer Self Defense since July of last year and couldn’t be happier. There is an immediate sense of family when you walk through the doors which has made it our second home. Along with the top notch coaches and instructors who go above and beyond teaching their students self love, discipline and respect. I personally feel the strongest inside and out that I have in years and couldn’t have done it without the support and love from my Conquer family!
Jennifer J
Great instructors who truly love teaching and helping people. Very dedicated and know how to modify their teaching to fit the needs of every individual. The classes are not only extremely informative, but also a work out. I Highly recommend Conquer.
Zachary T
This place is amazing! From the instructors to the members-they take you right under there wings. And the benefits of these classes...confidence, self esteem, strength, friendship, health, and fun. . A great family atmosphere. I love it here
Paula C
Found Conquer in November. Emailed with some questions and received responses right away. Tried out one of the classes and it was great. All instructors are fun, informative and push you while respecting your limits. From instructors to trainees, everyone is family and everyone helps each other out. You're never alone at Conquer.
Dustin H
We found this place by pure luck last year and couldn't be happier. Everyone is so warm and welcoming from the instructors to other members. It's a family affair for us between myself, my husband, and our 6 year old. It's been a great way to get in shape, boost confidence, and make some new friends!
Kristen B
The staff at Conquer is the best around, all three of my children are enrolled in the programs and absolutely love it! I’ve been too many other places in the area over the years and nothing compares. One thing that separates Conquer from others Is how fast my children learned how too defend themselves. Most of these places have long drawn out programs that takes too long for the students too learn in a timely manner. My youngest had issues with a few kids from the area and there are no problems now and if there’s is in the future he knows he can handle them. The confidence they have now is awesome thanks guys
Wayne T
So glad I signed my son up for classes here. The teachers are amazing! He has learnt a lot in a short period of time. The students are great here as well. This place is like a second family to him. I highly recommend!
Jason M


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